We are researching about the energetic people who moves freely anywhere in order to find
their opportunities where they can realize their skills and missions.

Company Concept

Providing unexpected experiences by moving
With a vision of “Everyone can work and utilize their skills until 100 years old by moving and
finding new chances in the favorite places and new environment.”, we are offering the chances
for them.

Providing a Sustainable and Productive Life Environment with Working Individuals
By expanding the personal career development areas and re-designing upcoming 100-year-old
living life planning, we can provide the environment where you can enjoy continually energetic
and productive lives.

About Genki Moving People Institute

Meaning of “Genki Moving People”

-What is the meaning of “Genki”?

Everyone can stay healthy and work energetically until 80 years old, since the average length
of life-span of Japanese was lengthened to a great extent.

We would like to create the working opportunities for the people who are suffering depression,
who are shut in and who couldnʼt find the appropriate work.

What the meaning of “Moving People”
There are so many local governments accepting and utilizing the power of 20s or 30s people
who move actively among the local governments.

Some local governments noticed that the increasing in the number of people who relates the
local regions is very important for revitalization of local communities and economies.
People have many ways to have relationship with the local communities by such as moving,
staying long or temporarily in two places.
The number of the professional human resources in Tokyo, such as address hoppers, who are
freely moving between multiple places without deciding where to stay, is gradually increasing.

We believe that interacting with various people and experiencing in various regions is one of
the practical way for people for living healthy and actively during their whole life.
We would like to express the belief to the world.


How are we working in 2025?
If we live our life without any careful planning, we will have a lonely and poor life in the future.
If we live our life independently and productively, we will have a free and creative life in the

“Three shifts” that are necessary to select the future by yourself
-Generalist ⇒ Persistent Specialist
-Independent Competition ⇒ Innovations caused by cooperation
-Large consumption ⇒ Experiences with passion
(Quoted from Linda Gratton, “THE SHIFT”)


Change the money-oriented life fundamentally

A new way of life that comes after supremacy of economical growth

(Quote: Linda Gratton, Andrew Scott, “The 100-Year Life”)


Five proposals for “Strategic Contraction”
1 Free from the concept of convenience
2 Recommendation of international specialization
3 Clear separation of residential and non-residential areas
4 Working until you canʼt work anymore
5 Do two roles by yourself
(Quoted by Masaji Kawai, “Masashi Kawai’s perspective of the future (Crisis approaching


“Moving power” = power to switch several environments
People decide their actions in the order of environment, emotion, and action.
Therefore, the ability to change the environment (moving power) determines life.
(Quoted from Kenta Nagakura, “The Power of Mobility”)











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